6 Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Areas

When it comes to sprucing up your front yard, back yard, patio, porch, garden, or deck, there are nearly unlimited options. With enough money, time, and effort, you can create a magnificent outdoor space that’s perfect for hosting, hanging out, gardening, or any other number of activities.

This post will outline 6 different ways that you can easily enhance your outdoor living space. Use these ideas as inspiration for your own back yard, patio, or other outdoor area.

  1. Create an Outdoor Kitchen – These built up outdoor kitchen areas are incredibly popular in hot dry areas like Arizona, and look great next to your swimming pool. Generally, this is a project that requires hiring a contractor to ensure that everything is built up to code, but with the right know-how you could complete the project with minimal help. These outdoor kitchens can be as fancy or stripped down as you like. Maybe you just want some extra counter space for your grilling area, or maybe you want a fancy wet bar with a wine refrigerator. An outdoor kitchen is the perfect addition if you love to host large back yard parties with your friends and family, and provides an excellent way to make food for the party while still being present and able to hang out with your guests.
  2. Design a Creative Eating Area – There are many ways to create a stylish outdoor eating area. One of the first considerations should be what kind of table you want for your patio seating. The table generally becomes the focus of outdoor eating areas, so pick something that really stands out. When I designed my outdoor eating area, I ordered a custom stone table from NEKA Granite Marble Quartz, and they created a stunning granite table that always gets compliments from my guests. Also think about what kinds of chairs will go with your table, and consider whether you want an umbrella as shade, or to build some kind of permanent shade structure. There are many possibilities when it comes to providing shade for outdoor seating, like extendable awnings, pergolas, and or you could position it in a naturally shady location like under your favorite tree. Outdoor seating is a must-have for any modern patio, and will upgrade your outdoor space in a huge way.
  3. Install a Box Garden or Pergola – For me, the main draw to being outside is looking at all the wonderful flowers and plants that grow in my garden. If you enjoy keeping plants, a space for gardening is an absolute must. Box gardens are an incredibly easy project that you can complete in an afternoon (depending on how many you are trying to make). Pergolas on the other hand require a bit more work, and I personally recommend hiring a contractor to put one up for you if you plan to get one. Both box gardens and pergolas are fabulous additions to any yard and provide you with a great way to incorporate your flowers and plants into your aesthetic vision for your outdoor space.
  4. Build a Custom Playground – For parents who love to build, there’s nothing quite as fun as building a magical outdoor play area for your kids. If you’re savvy with power tools, you can get really creative with your playground. Some people build incredibly themed playgrounds that look like a giant castle or pirate ship, others simply add extra fun elements to pre-made playground sets from Lowe’s or Home Depot. One of the best ways to decide what you want to do with your home playground is to take your kids to a bunch of playgrounds in the area and see what they seem to enjoy the most. Do they prefer slides to monkey bars? Do they enjoy the swings? Fireman pole? There are tons of different playground elements to choose from, and if you create your playground from scratch, you can even style it to match the rest of your home and backyard.
  5. Expand your Deck – For some back yards, a deck is preferable to a patio due to soft ground or other conditions. There are many contractors out there that can build incredible decks that have all sorts of bells and whistles. Maybe you want to have a hot tub that sits level with your deck, or maybe you want multiple layers to your deck with doors on the first and second story, or maybe you want a deck with built in planters all around the edges. All of these and many more options are possible when you get in touch with a high-quality deck contractor. Decks are perfect for hosting barbecues and other outdoor parties. Depending on how you set up your deck, it might just become your family’s new favorite spot to hang out.
  6. Put Up a Gazebo – A gazebo can be an elegant touch for any backyard, and can even be attached to your deck as a great spot to avoid bugs. While this project is probably best handled by a trained professional, you can certainly give input in the way of design when laying out the project. Gazebos are another great addition if you enjoy hosting large parties, as they offer guests a beautiful place to sit and enjoy your outdoor space. I recommend getting a screened in gazebo so you have a bug-free oasis when the mosquitos get bad in summer.

These six projects are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating your perfect back yard landscape. All of these projects will increase the property value of your home, enhance your living space, and beautify your property. Your family will be grateful for the extra space to run around, and your guests will be amazed at your elegant entertaining space.