Kids and Gardening

After my own venture into the world of gardening, I realized that gardening with my four-year old granddaughter would be a great educational activity for her. She currently goes to child care in Liberty MO, and one day when I picked her up, she told me they were learning about different vegetables. After I brought her home, she ran straight to my garden in the backyard and pointed to the various plants I had growing, saying “Grammy is this carrot?” and “Grammy is that a cumber?” Her curiosity was just so adorable, and I thought this could be an excellent learning opportunity for her.

child gardeningThe following weekend, I got to work setting up her own little raised garden bed in the backyard. Then, I went to the local home improvement store where I was able to find some child-sized gardening tools and some carrot seeds and green beans for us to plant. When her mother dropped her off at my house for the day, she was so excited to find her very own garden. I showed her how to dig little holes to plant the seeds, and why you shouldn’t plant them too close together. We then placed seeds into each of the holes and then covered them up with dirt. From preschool she had already learned that plants require water to grow, so she was eager to hold her little watering can and sprinkle water over the little mounds.

Not only has my granddaughter had the chance to learn how to plant seeds and tend to her own garden, but she’s also been learning the important value of patience. She was a bit upset when the day after she planted her carrots that she wasn’t able to just pull one up from the ground and eat it as a snack. I told her that it takes patience and care for plants to grow big, and that you can’t harvest them until they’re just ready. Well sure enough, yesterday I could tell that the carrots and green beans were ready to harvest. She had so much fun carefully pulling up the vegetables and then cleaning them off. Guess what we’re having for lunch today!