My Garden Troubles

I love my garden.  I’m out there whenever I can, trimming flowers, pulling weeds, etc.  The other day I was out working in my garden and my dog Roscoe got curious and decided to join me.  I have a pile of mulch sitting off to the side and he started playing and digging inside of it.  Twenty minutes later, he and I both head inside to take a little break.  Without even thinking about it, I let him into the living room without being washed off first and he headed straight to the couch, dirty paws and all.

The upholstery was now filthy.  The worst part yet, was that I was having company over the next day.  I needed to find a way to clean the dirt off quickly.  Because of the fabric used in the upholstery, I wanted to be careful not to use anything to harm the material.  I first tried to use a damp towel, but that only seemed to make it worse.

upholsteryBefore I made the mess any worse, I decided to stop and call in the pros.  I called up a local Phoenix AZ upholstery cleaning company to give me a helping hand.  Thankfully, they weren’t overbooked and were able to make an appointment for the same day.  I was so relieved.

They came in, did their thing, and left in no time at all.  What impressed me the most was that there was no sign of dirt at all!  As a bonus, the area was dried and fresh within the hour.  What a terrific job.

Thankfully everything had been resolved.  The next step for me was to give Roscoe a bath to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  He doesn’t like baths but he deserved one after that incident.

All in all, I’m glad my couch was able to be restored.  Next time Roscoe is outside with me, I’ll be sure to keep him far away from any mulch.