My New Bay Window: The Perfect Spot for Enjoying My Garden

I’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort to make my backyard landscaping look beautiful. I’ve been happy to do it, as I love gardening. But I came to the realization a few months ago that I wasn’t enjoying my landscaping as much as I ought to be. Aside from the occasional barbecue or get-together, there really isn’t too much to do out in the backyard; as a result, I don’t spend a lot of non-gardening time out there.

I started asking myself some questions: What if I could enjoy my backyard more from inside my home? What if there was some way to help bring the outdoors in?

My living room has a large window facing the backyard – that’s a good start. But the furnishings closest to the window face away from the window and away from the nice view. I thought about rearranging my furniture, but there really wasn’t any good way to orient sofas or chairs toward the window. If I did, they would be facing away from the other half of the seating area, not to mention the TV.

I also thought about buying some new furniture. But I didn’t like any of the window-facing arrangements any more than the set up I already had. It took me a long time to get furniture for the room, and to create a space that suited me perfectly. I didn’t want to go through the same process again just to get some more gratification from my backyard garden.

The perfect solution would leverage the large size of my window; it would maximize the modest amount of space I had near the window; it wouldn’t require me to rearrange or buy furniture; it would give me a little space to sit and relax while I enjoy a view of the garden.

I had an idea. I would replace my current, flat window with a bay window.

Bay windows extend away from the house. If large enough, bay windows like these can create whole new spaces for seating. My large window space offered enough room for nook with seating cushions and even a couple of pillows. While the area adjacent my window wasn’t quite big enough for additional tables or chairs, there was space enough to give a little window nook room to breathe.

After researching potential bay windows for a while, I was lucky enough to find a design that complemented the other windows I have on my home. The color match was spot-on, and the custom grilles look almost exactly the same as my other windows. (As much as I would love to replace the rest of them, my budget dictates that I keep the windows I’ve got for a least a few more years.)

My bay window was installed about three months ago, and I’m enjoying it more than ever. The leaves have turned on the trees in my backyard, and I love all of the purples and oranges and crimsons. It’s great to enjoy a morning coffee or tea alongside the window, and ease into the day with a beautiful and relaxing view.